Veterans are Welcome in Franchising!

It’s no secret in the franchising industry – military veterans make great franchisees. With your proven leadership abilities and superior training, former military personnel have the skills so many franchisors look for in a franchisee. Like peanut butter and jelly, veterans and franchisors are a symbiotic match, each benefiting the other.

The whole basis of franchising is that you take a successful business and replicate it so that it works for other people in other regions. Systems and procedures are developed to keep the franchise consistent from store to store and to make sure the customers at each location receive the same high quality experience.

Similarly, military veterans come from an environment that is disciplined, that stresses teamwork, and that relies on executing proven systems to produce a desired result. Your training has covered subjects such as decision making, executing plans, motivating others, and improving and learning over time. These skills are all hallmarks of a successful franchise system.

Giving Back to Veterans

Recognizing the importance of veterans to the franchising industry, franchising found a way to something back to veterans. In 1991, shortly after the gulf war ended, Don Dwyer Sr., founder of The Dwyer Group, decided he wanted to show his appreciation to veterans by providing tangible support for them in becoming franchisees. His efforts, in association with the International Franchise Association and many other franchise companies, lead to the creation of the program known as VetFran.

VetFran, the Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative, is a voluntary program designed to aid veterans in joining the free enterprise system through franchise ownership. The program currently has over 350 participating franchise companies.

Every franchise company participating in the VetFran program provides financial incentives for veterans that become franchises, usually in the form of reduced initial franchise fees. These financial incentives are not available to anyone other than veterans, and can sometimes amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

The purpose of the VetFran program is simple – it allows franchise companies to show appreciation for the efforts of our military veterans in a very real way while allowing them to recruit new franchisees from a pool with exceptional talent. This program is a classic win-win for everyone involved and one of the most popular in the history of the IFA.

A franchise system is not a disparate group of people working under the same brand. Instead, they are a group of like-minded individuals working together as a team to bring American consumers a quality product or service at a great price, while enjoying their own dream of business ownership. Our American veterans are the best example this country has of teamwork and no group of people is considered more hard working or dependable.

Years in the military service, as many have found, is wonderful training for success as a business owner. If you’d like to find out how your skills will help you transition from the military to franchise ownership, please visit our website at

What do franchisors look for? What attributes do veterans have?

  • Self-starter – Veterans have a can-do attitude and are focused on the success of the mission.
  • Proven leadership – Veterans learn leadership roles early in their military training.
  • Willingness to follow a proven system – Veterans understand the value of following a system to produce results.
  • Good communication – Veterans have superior communication skills as missions depend on accuracy.
  • Positive work ethic – Veterans will do whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • Good business acumen – Veterans have experienced the best training available in a number of disciplines: leadership, operations, sales, management and technology, to name a few.
  • Team player – Veterans are the experts at making their individual efforts work to support the team in reaching the larger objective.

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