Spouse Portal

Since inception, VetJobs has been an advocate for providing job assistance to spouses and family members of veterans.

VetJobs Spouse Portal is a vital resource for finding employment opportunities with employers who are committed to hiring a military spouse (or other member of the “U.S. Military Family”). Our Veterans of Foreign Wars sponsored job board is designed to connect employers with a talented and diverse workforce with global boundaries.

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A military spouse will be interested in employment opportunities either on base/post or in close proximity to their service member’s duty station. VetJobs job searches can be tailored to location, with employers who are aware of issues that are peculiar to military families, such a change in duty station, deployment and more.

Developing a Resume or Portfolio

An inherent problem with the resume of a military spouse is that it may be a fairly lengthy document, given that frequent changes in duty station mean many different employers listed. While this may raise a red flag for employers, suggesting that a candidate cannot successfully maintain a position — it can be described as an asset for the military spouse.

A recent article posted on the internet noted that, “Positions vary from employer
to employer, and the skills and ability picked up from being a supportive and
active spouse can often benefit the employer in hidden but mighty ways.
Being mobile and moving as duty stations change also gives spouses a unique
ability to function on the fly, and can be a true asset to employers.”

Take time to develop your resume with these thoughts in mind, finding ways to accentuate the positives about your lifestyle and flexibility.