Our Mission

For seventeen years VetJobs has made it easy for employers to reach and employ all the members of the military community. VetJobs defines the military community to include Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Department of Defense Civilians, Marine Corps, Merchant Marine, National Guard, Navy, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Public Health Service, Reserves and their spouses and family members. VetJobs makes is easy to reach not only the transitioning military member, but also the highly qualified men and women who are veterans that have separated over the decades and are now productive members of the civilian work force in all disciplines.

VetJobs History

091117-M-IX426-003VetJobs is the leading Internet niche job board for reaching the 10.2 million military veterans currently in the work force, the 200 thousand active duty military personnel who transition each year and the members of the National Guard and Reserve who return to the United States each year from extended deployments, and their family members.

VetJobs was established in 1999 following extensive research on job and resume sites catering to the military market. The research indicated there was a gap in sites which truly assisted employers in identifying the transitioning military and veteran candidates. Those that did exist emphasized transitioning military and missed veterans already in the workforce, members of the National Guard & Reserve and the family members of veterans.

VetJobs is operated by a seasoned management team of professionals to assist companies and hiring authorities to successfully reach the military market.

VetJobs is owned and operated by veterans for veterans. In January 2000, The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States exclusively sponsored and purchased ten percent of the company. Since then, VetJobs has garnered more veteran service organization endorsements than any other site. Written endorsements include the Vietnam Veterans of America, Veterans of Modern Warfare, Student Veterans of America, Hope4Heroes, the Military Order of the Purple Heart, United States Army Warrant Officers Association, The Retired Enlisted Association, National Guard Association of the United States and the Reserve Officers Association.

VetJobs is recognized in the industry as the leading recruitment site to reach the military market. Recognitions have included:

  • VetJobs has received the WEDDLE’s User’s Choice Award every year since inception of the award in 2004. The WEDDLES’ User’s Choice Award marks VetJobs as one of the top thirty recruiting and career sites on the Internet out of over 100,000!
  • VetJobs has been selected for Workforce Management’s Job Board Hot List.
  • Vetjobs has been selected as a Top Recruiting Site by AIRS.
  • VetJobs was a founding member and later elected to the Board of Governors of the International Association of Employment Web Sites, now known as the Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions, TAtech (www.tatech.org).
  • VetJobs was appointed to the United States Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Council.
  • VetJobs is the only job board member of the Veterans Task Force.
  • VetJobs is called regularly to testify before Congress, government agencies and military commissions regarding veterans and employment issues.

These prestigious recognitions clearly identifies VetJobs as the leading military related job board on the Internet.

Over the last seventeen plus years millions of candidates have received assistance and found jobs with the thousands of companies who use VetJobs to reach the veteran candidate market.

The military today represents the most diverse work force available. Consequently, VetJobs is a leading diversity site with highly trained, bi-lingual candidates. Additionally, over 80% of the employees working in the defense industry originally obtained their security clearances while in the military. That is why VetJobs has become the major source for candidates with clearances, particularly at the Top Secret, Special Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) with polygraph level.

Enduring FreedomVetJobs Vision

The VetJobs vision is to meet the shortage of qualified candidates in the civilian sector with highly trained veterans who can offer employers technical skills, management expertise and most importantly, leadership.

VetJobs provides the tools necessary to make job searching easy for veterans and translating the military experience to civilian equivalents easier for employers.

The VetJobs vision is the education of both the veteran and the employer to the value the military veteran brings to the workplace.

The VetJobs vision includes the goal of providing as many job opportunities as possible for veterans, transitioning military personnel and their family members. Thus, the cost for VetJobs is kept low with a flat fee approach.

VetJobs is committed to serving the needs of veterans and the VetJobs employer members with the best customer service available.

sq21What VetJobs Offers Employers

With the VetJobs flat-fee structure, employer members get predictable annual expenses, no matter how many candidates they hire using the site, or how many recruiters use the site or company locations.

Benefits include:

  • OFCCP compliance support including job distribution to state workforce job boards
  • VEVRAA/JVA and EEOC compliance support
  • Unlimited job postings with unlimited refreshing and editing of jobs
  • Unlimited number of HR/recruiters (seats) within a company
  • Unlimited access to the resume database
  • State-of-the-art Boolean search engine
  • State-of-the-art job metric system that provides week-to-date, month-to-date and year-to-date metrics.
  • Free Batch Upload program and FTP/XML server program for large quantities of job postings
  • H1-b, F1-b free resume database
  • Monthly Early Eagle employer newsletter to keep employers current with veteran issues

VetJobs is able to best reach the veteran market for its member employers through the following:

  • Targeted advertising to reach the military candidate market in military journals, base newspapers, etc
  • Extensive media coverage
  • DOD military transition centers, USCG transition centers, VA centers, state and federal DOL offices.
  • Extensive relationships and alliances with veteran service organizations.
  • VetJobs reaches half a million veterans and transitioning military through the monthly Veteran Eagle newsletter
  • Exclusively endorsed and partially owned by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States

If you seek candidates with diversity, leadership skills, technical skills, security clearances and who have verifiable work backgrounds, you will find them in a military veteran. VetJobs is an excellent source for candidates in information technology, program and project management, sales, linguists, logistics, transportation, education, human resources, manufacturing, finance, engineering, research and development, healthcare, accounting, government and senior executives.

2009 Nellis Open HouseWhat VetJobs Offers Candidates

VetJobs has thousands of employers who have used the site to identify candidates from the transitioning military and the veteran employee market.

The Employment Assistance section has guidance on how to organize a job search, write a resume, interview and identify your next employer.

VetJobs publishes a monthly newsletter for veterans called the Veteran Eagle. The newsletter has vital information about employment and the market, as well as topics of interest to people who have been associated with the military.

Many military personnel who transition to the civilian sector often feel they are under-employed for up to four years after separation. This is frequently because a) the hiring companies do not fully appreciate the technical skills and leadership ability of a person who has served in the military or b) the military person was not fully knowledgeable of how to approach the civilian job market. Over the last seventeen years, VetJobs has changed this situation.

VetJobs is for ALL uniformed personnel, enlisted and officer, who has served in one of the military branches of the United States. VetJobs also assists the family members of anyone who had served in the military. The VetJobs military definition includes: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Department of Defense Civilians, Marine Corps, Merchant Marine, Navy, National Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Public Health Service and the Reserves.

If you have ideas about what we can do which would help provide you the services you need in career searching or identifying employees, please let us know. Your ideas grow VetJobs!