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Meet Today’s Military
The United States military is the world’s largest technical training school with over 220 occupational specialties. Why is today’s military so technical? In 1972 the military became an all volunteer force. Since then it has been reduced from 3.6 million people to 800,000 on active duty. The military replaced bodies with education and technology! The impact on American society of an all volunteer military is in 1970, one in ten people working in America had served in the military. Today it is one in 200!

Relevant information about the military today includes:
– In 1970, less than 1% of all the enlisted personnel on active duty had any exposure to college. Today, 30% have a college degree (AS/BS) and 1% has a masters or doctorate!
– The military is the most drug free workforce in the United States!
– Military personnel receive the strongest training for a job possible to ensure success in their missions.
– 92% of active duty military in the United States use computers at their places of duty and 40% of military personnel have job assignments that involve information resource management.
– 60% of the enlisted personnel can program in at least one computer language.
– The military is the premier training ground for leaders with high ethics!
– The military is the most diverse workforce in America in terms of ethnicity and religion!
– 95% of those working in the U. S. defense industry originally obtained their security clearance in the military!

When once asked why a company should hire veterans, VetJobs’ president answered: How many of the vice presidents in your company manage a $30,000,000 budget, lead 18 people – that is a good ratio of people to money – go through twelve months of extensive training to learn their equipment, and if they make a mistake will take the City of Jacksonville off the face of the earth? I just gave you the basic job description of a weapons officer on a frigate in Mayport, Florida, who also has several other collateral duty assignments. And by the way, that weapons officer is a female who just turned 25 years old!

Meet today’s military. This is not the military of World War II or Vietnam. It is the most highly trained, technically capable, verifiable, diverse and teamwork oriented work force in the world today!

That is why we say, Veterans make the best employees!