In order to better assist the veterans and their family members who use VetJobs, we have entered into various alliances. The listing below represents the current alliances with organizations chosen to assist the users of VetJobs. VetJobs only lists those organizations with which there exists a written agreement.

AIRS is the largest provider of Internet e-recruitment training services worldwide. This represents a significant benefit that VetJobs can offer to our global corporate clients. AIRS Seminars, Corporate Training, Search Station and Search Guide publications have helped over 8,000 clients in high-growth companies and recruitment organizations define their active sourcing strategies via the World Wide Web.

American Corporate Partners
American Corporate Partners is a nationwide mentoring program that matches employees from some of the nation’s finest corporations and select universities with OIF/OEF veterans for the purpose of mentoring, networking, and career counseling. Transitioning from military service to the civilian sector can be difficult, but ACP is dedicated to helping veterans develop the valuable relationships, key skills, and action plans needed for success in private enterprise.

Axxiom Franchise Advisors, LLC
Axxiom Franchise Advisors, LLC is the nation’s premier franchise consulting and brokerage organization within the industry. We assist military veterans, entrepreneurs, corporate refugees, dreamers, and many others to understand the benefits of business ownership and controlling their own destiny and future through franchise ownership.

Candidate Resources, Inc

Candidate Resources, Inc is a HR company dedicated to helping employers attract and screen applicants. Once hired, CRI assists leadership in the development of existing employees as they move up the career ladder. CRI brings over 50 years of expertise and experience in pre-employment applicant attraction and screening services to its clients. Its national and international clients include large, medium and small companies in many industries. CRI’s main personnel assessment, the Achiever, has been widely used by business, governmental facilities, government contractors, educational facilities and associations for well over four decades. CRI University provides informative, dynamic one hour webinars on important, timely topics that impact every employer. These webinars are as important for CEOs, COOs, and CFOs as they are for HR personnel due to the liability exposures employer’s face from issues including Disparate Pay, Unconscious Bias, EEOC and OFCCP compliance, and Sexual Harassment.

Visit CRI at and

DC Military is a site owned by the Washington Post Company as a service to the Washington, D.C. area military community. provides excellent information for military personnel and their families on activities in the DC area, including news, events, classifieds, base guides, web information, unit and people finders and MWR information. If you are assigned in the DC, VA, MD or DE area, this is a must site for you to visit!

DiversityJobs is a project developed by LatPro, Inc. to connect African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, women, veterans, the disabled, members of the LGBT community, and other minority groups with diversity-friendly companies. We are consistently ranked among the top Internet job boards having won WEDDLE’s User’s Choice Award from 2006 to 2010. also promotes diversity education and inclusion in the workplace through our Workplace Diversity Blog, which has covered breaking news and relevant information on diversity issues since 2006.

EANGUS – Founded in 1972, EANGUS is the largest of the National Guard VSOs with chapters in all 50 states, DC and the three US Territories.

Fran Choice
FranChoice has been successful in matching entrepreneurs with the perfect franchise business in a win-win situation. The franchisee candidate avoids the confusion of researching the overwhelming myriad of franchise opportunities and can concentrate on those that have been pre-screened as high quality franchise businesses matching their requirements. Franchise companies work with FranChoice because they find that franchisee candidates referred by FranChoice are enthusiastic, motivated and well-informed about the franchise business requirements. Visit FranChoice at

GI Search
GIsearch is a free service that helps locate lost friends and family, keep in touch with fellow service members, research the history and valor of past generations, and honor those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Hope 4 Heroes
Hope 4 Heroes was founded by OIF/OEF vets to support disabled veterans and families that must deal with PTSD, Depression, TBI, loss of limbs, severe burns and career transition. We serve as a veteran’s organization that provides ongoing support in many areas.

Job Creators Network (JCN) is the voice of real job creators that has been missing from the debate on jobs and our economic crisis. JCN members talk about paychecks, not politics, helping the public and policymakers understand how to create jobs. To learn more visit:

Established in 1997, LatPro is the worldwide leader in online employment resources for Hispanic and bilingual professionals. With over 325,000 registered candidates and 95 of the Fortune 100 companies using its award-winning service, the site (available in English, Spanish and Portuguese) is the premier career destination for Latino and bilingual professionals throughout the U.S. and Latin America. LatPro also hosts a career focused social network where the company welcomes all career experts and job seekers.

MatchPoint Network
MatchPoint Network’s Franchise Finder Services provides independent advice and guidance to help individuals minimise risk in buying a franchise by introducing suitable franchises, and guiding them through the appraisal and purchasing process. Unless one really understands what they should look for in a franchise, they could make a very expensive mistake. MatchPoint’s free service saves individuals time, money & effort in finding the right franchise that meets their requirements. Visit MatchPoint at

Military Life is owned by Downey Communications, Inc. For more than 30 years, they have been the leader in military resale publishing, marketing, and market analysis, and are well known for their Couponer. The site is updated daily with original articles about the people and events that affect the entire military community. The resources section offers links to military-affiliated websites, the latest statistics on pay and benefits, health care, base guides, and much more.

Military Travel Zone Provides air, hotel and rental car discounts and reservations exclusively for military personnel, retired, and family of the military. The site also provides military news, list of US Military Bases, Directory of Military Schools and a US Airport Guide. Book at selected hotels and get up to $100 HOTEL REBATES.

Military Order of the Purple Heart
The Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) is unique among Veteran Service Organizations in that all its members were wounded in combat. For this sacrifice, they were awarded the Purple Heart Medal. With grants from the MOPH Service Foundation, the MOPH and its Ladies Auxiliary promote Patriotism, Fraternalism, and the Preservation of America’s military history. Most importantly, they provide comfort and assistance to all Veterans and their families, especially those requiring claims assistance with the VA, those who are homeless and those requiring employment assistance. MOPH volunteers provide assistance to Hospitalized veterans at VA sites and State Veterans Homes.

The Mission Continues
The Mission Continues is a 501 (c)(3), non-profit organization based in St. Louis, Missouri. Our mission is to award Fellowships to wounded and disabled veterans for volunteer service in their communities. Our goal is to provide service opportunities to wounded veterans who still have the desire to serve their country, but whose disabilities prevent them from continuing to serve in the military. The Mission Continues accomplishes this goal by awarding Fellowships to veterans who have suffered injuries in Iraq or Afghanistan. Visit The Mission Continues at

Moby in the morning
Moby has been into the Country Radio Hall of Fame and is a 40-year veteran air personality, whose career began at the age of 15 in his hometown of Crossville, TN. For 10 years, he was a major force in the Rock format every morning in Houston and Dallas (KSSR, KLOL, KEGL). Moby then moved to Atlanta with WKHX, where he proceeded to win a major morning battle in the Country format and enjoy success for the next decade. Moby has used his radio career to constantly help and support veterans and their families.

For nearly a decade, Mom Corps has been successfully matching professionals seeking greater work-life satisfaction with companies looking to recruit and retain top talent. A Mom Corps YOU membership offers military spouse job seekers searching for work-life satisfaction a one-stop community for job search and work-life tools, expert advice, and a support forum to learn and share with other working moms. From increased visibility as a job candidate to community discussions on finding flexibility, Mom Corps YOU members are using the community to take control of their careers and lives. Mom Corps YOU’s live online coaching with a recruiter helps members prepare for interviews, update their resumes or check on job applications in real time. Visit

Operation Veteran Empowerment is a veteran owned project that levels the playing field for veteran business owners and entrepreneurs. OpVet was created to arm every veteran business owner with critical financial knowledge. All Operation Veteran Empowerment information is FREE for all veterans and their families. Access at

OverWatch Consulting
OverWatch Consulting is a Veteran Owned and Operated professional guide into law enforcement. Our mission is to effectively guide Veterans through the extensive, and overwhelming process of entering careers in Law Enforcement – assisting in the successful transition from Veteran to Police Officer. Our experienced OverWatch team includes members from police interview panels, background investigators, Homicide Detectives, SWAT teams, Field Training Officers, Police Recruiting Teams, K9 Handlers, Narcotic Agents, Marksmanship Instructors, Honor Guards, Academy Instructors, Clinical Psychologists, and other police Command Staff. We have been advising police applicants for over 10 years. Forward March! Visit us at

patriot mission logo
PATRIOT MISSION is a for-profit company committed to MAKING AMERICA STRONG AGAIN by reversing three mega-trends; A Weak Economy, A Divided America and Fading National Pride. Our mission is to Rebuild America through The POWER of Small Business™. PATRIOT MISSION is training and certifying qualified veterans in all 50 US States to serve as self-employed, part-time and/or full-time, Leadership Speakers to deliver proprietary programs in local, regional and national markets.

PharmaDiversity Job Board
PharmaDiversity Job Board announced they have added VetJobs as their exclusive military alliance partner. VetJobs assists transitioning military personnel, veterans and their family members in finding employment with employers who are searching for highly trained, reliable and mission-oriented employees. PharmaDiversity Job Board is the only double niche job board of its kind. Dedicated to helping pharmaceutical employers and health care companies find and hire diverse job applicants, PharmaDiversity Job Board provides a forum specifically for minority job seekers to search job opportunities with employers determined to increase their diversity hiring. Employers can advertise their commitment to diversity hiring by becoming a Featured Employer. PharmaDiversity Job Board offers free information about minority and industry hiring. Job alerts are matched to thousands of freshly posted jobs and sent to thousands of registrants daily.

PSI is the Nation’s leading producer of Diversity Job Fair events. PSI programs are sponsored with secular organizations like the NAACP, Historically Black Fraternities and Sororities, NCLR, CHCI, BDPA, to name a few. PSI also administers job boards and PSI provides employers access to the PSI Community Partner Network thru online and in-person solutions.

For more than 90 years the Reserve Officers Association has been the only organization dedicated to supporting Reservists and their critical role in national defense. Reserve service carries unique burdens and for more than nine decades, the Reserve Officers Association has been the nation’s leading advocate for lifelong support in recognition of these unprecedented contributions to the cause of freedom. Since 1922, ROA has championed the cause of Reservists at home and on the battlefield. The evolution of that mission has helped protect the rights and benefits of individual Reservists while preserving a strong and capable Reserve force as a critical component to our national security.

SCORE is committed to helping Americans start and grow small businesses. SCORE and the SBA can help you succeed as entrepreneurs or as employees in the growing small business economy.

Stop Soldier Suicide is the first national civilian not-for-profit organization dedicated to preventing active duty and Veteran suicide. Founded in 2010, by three Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans, Stop Soldier Suicide is a group of Veterans helping past and present Service members in their greatest hour of need. They help to fill a gap by offering services and resources to our brothers and sisters in arms when there seems to be little else available.
Please reach out and join us. Visit our website at for all the information you need to find out how to help your fellow Veterans. If you need resources please call our Resource Center Helpline at (844) 889-5610. Your time, talent and treasure are valuable assets to each Veteran that joins our ranks. Thank you – Stop Soldier Suicide.

Student Veterans of America
Student Veterans of America (SVA) is a coalition of student veterans groups from college campuses across the United States. Founded in January of 2008, SVA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that works to develop new student groups, coordinate between existing student groups, and advocate on behalf of student veterans at the local, state, and national level.

Tech Expo USA
TECHEXPO is the leading technology job fair provider in the country with TECHEXPO Top Secret Career Fairs. TECHEXPO brings security cleared professionals together with the nation’s leading employers from the defense & government sectors.

Trilogy Integrated Resources
Trilogy Integrated Resources LLC is a company dedicated to improving information and communication in the health and social service fields at the community level. Trilogy works primarily with state and county governments and other local human service entities to establish one-stop information places, centered on highly interactive, community-based Web sites.

United States Army Warrant Officers Association
The United States Army Warrant Officers Association (USAWOA) is a not for profit service-related organization representing Warrant Officers of the active Army, Army National Guard, Army Reserve, retired & former Warrant Officers, and their families since 1972. USAWOA is a founding and charter member of The Military Coalition (TMC), which is comprised of 34 organizations representing more than 5.5 million members of the uniformed services–active, reserve, retired, survivors, veterans–and their families. For more information about USAWOA visit or about the TMC visit

Veterans Advantage
Veterans Advantage is a private sector benefits company that serves America’s military community. Veterans Advantage is a new company that acknowledges and rewards veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice to their country.

Veterans of Modern Warfare
Veterans of Modern Warfare, Inc., VMW, is a veteran service organization dedicated to serving our nation’s most recent war veterans from the Gulf War, OEF and OIF. Visit VMW at

Veterans Network
Veterans Network is online TV and Radio for America’s Veterans. Our channels provide information on veterans legislation, VA benefits, education and employment. Our channels also include shows, stories and interviews with veterans from all wars and service branches.

Veterans Resource Network Association is a national not-for-profit military veterans association providing, as part of its overall relationship with its members, discounts on products and services, and timely information for military veterans, personnel, and their families.

Vietnam Veterans of America
Vietnam Veterans of America has endorsed VetJobs. VetJobs is the only job board endorsed by the Vietnam Veterans of America. This endorsement and alliance is important since the Vietnam Veterans of America is the largest veteran service organization representing veterans of the Vietnam era. And, it is Vietnam era veterans who make up the bulk of the 10.5 million veterans in the work force today.